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Laramie Knifeworks -- Olive Burl

Lil Brute Folder Knife


Knife Type: Lil' Brute
Blade Length: 1 7/16 inches
Overall Length: 3 13/16 inches
Blade Steel: "Buckshot" pattern Damascus High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Olive Burl 
Filework: On top of blade
Thumb Knob Gemstone: A Yellow Sapphire graded IF (which is the highest grade given and means the gemstone is internally flawless and free of inclusions

Comes With: Pouch and Knife Stand

Additional Information: Olive was planted California in the late 1800′s. These trees were cultivated into short and shrubby trees to allow for machine harvesting of Olives. The burl from an olive tree is a growth in which the grain is radically deformed because of some stress or damage and makes small birdseye knots. As a result, California olive burl produces wild swirly figure.
Price: $200
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