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Laramie Knifeworks -- Spalted Maple and Two-Tone Ironwood Lil Brute Folder Knife


Knife Type: Lil' Brute
Blade Length: 1 9/16 inches
Overall Length: 3 7/8 inches
Blade Steel: "Hailstorm" pattern Damascus High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Spalted Maple 

Bolsters: Two-Tone Ironwood 

Filework: On top of blade
Thumb Knob Gemstone: An Orange Sapphire graded IF (which is the highest grade given and means the gemstone is internally flawless and free of inclusions

Comes With: Pouch and Knife Stand

Additional Information: Spalted maple is technically not a particular type of maple species but refers to maple that is in the process of rotting and has a bunch of fungi in the wood. The fungi makes pen-like black lines in the wood and results in some unique looking figure. This Spalted Maple came from a saw mill in South-Central Pennsylvania. The saw mill owner collects unique primo one-of-a-kind pieces of wild looking woods for me.

Ironwood is native to the Sonoran Desert and is found in Mexico Arizona, and California. The wood it produces is so hard and dense that it sinks in water. It was typically used for firewood and charcoal. The wood is not in immediate danger  of extinction but is a protected wood in Mexico. The wood I use is from dead trees that are over 200 years old and is legally obtained. This particular piece has two tone colors because the wood has both sapwood and heartwood next to each other. obtained. This piece also provides a nice contrast to the Spalted Maple.

Price: $200
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