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Hello!!! I thought you would like to know a little about the knifemaker. I began making knives because of my passion/addiction to hunting/fishing and the outdoors. The knife patterns which I make are based on my experience with using knives. I have had the extreme luck to be a 5-time (fly rod line class) International Game Fish Association World Record Holder, recipient of 4 (bow and arrow) Pope and Young Big Game Records, and 3 muzzle-loading records from the Longhunter Society. I find that using my knives is the best way that I can learn to make your knife even better.

Please be nice to your knife. Treat it like a fine shotgun or rifle and it will last a lifetime.

P.S. The Mule deer pictured above was my Pope and Young Record Book Mule deer for 2000. This animal was harvested with a bow on public land. I used a Skinner in the field and a  Drop Point Hunting Knife back at home on this Mule Deer.


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