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Laramie Knifeworks -- Buy Now! Order and Information Page

Thank you for wanting to purchase a custom knife from Laramie Knifeworks.  The cost of each knife is listed on the web page for each knife. Please include a $12.50 shipping to pay for Priority Mail insured shipping. Note: I give discounts for multiple knife purchases. Please email or call me (307-460-0746)  for more information.

There are four ways to purchase your knife:

1. Use Paypal!! 

This is the quickest way to get your knife. Just double-click on the Paypal link and use your Visa or Mastercard to pay for your knife. Once you are on the Paypal website be sure to enter my Paypal address:

2. Send Check or Money Order

You can send a Money Order or Check to:  

Steve Torok

1655 Diamondhead

Laramie, Wyoming  82072

I'll mail the knife out as soon as I receive payment.

3. Call me!

You can call me at 307-460-0746. Basically, tell me the knife you want and either use a credit card over the phone or you can send a check/money order. Please leave a message if no one answers.

4. E-mail me at:


1. Taking Care of Your Knife:

It sounds lame but "try not to drop your knife". Usually dropping your knife will not have any serious issues but sometimes things can go bad. Folders are the most susceptible to damage. For example, the thumbknob gem or part of a handle may pop off. Don't fret, don't freak, just send it back with all the pieces and I will do my best to get it back to you as soon as I can.

Opening a linerlock does not take a college degree. But closing the linerlock is not so obvious. You have to disengage the lock before the knife can close. If not you will do serious damage to the locking mechanism and partially destroy the knife. This sounds obvious to you but when you let another person handle the knife many times they will try to close the knife by putting brute force on closing it rather than disengaging the lock. So you may want to show people how to close the knife.

Dishwashers will kill your knife. Letting your knife sit in water will kill your knife. Just wipe down the blade after you use it. 

You may want to use a high quality gun oil. A small amount goes a long way. Generally you don't need to oil the pivot area because it will just collect dirt and grime. However, if the knife gets gritty/dirty there is a quick fix. Buy a can of POLYMER SAFE QUICK-SCRUB from Shooters Choice. I buy mine at Sportsman Warehouse and Bass Pro Shops. Don't use anything else to clean it including water, solvents, cleaners, etc. This particular product will not destroy the washers. Everything else will either destroy the washers or rust the pivot area. There is no other product that can clean the pivot without hurting your knife.

2. Safety and Knife Handling and Liability Disclaimer

Be very careful with your knife. The blade is very sharp. DON'T ever try to shave your arm with the knife. Sounds stupid but lots of people like to demonstrate how to go to the emergency room.

*******Before you make a knife purchase please read and understand carefully this Liability Disclaimer--

By purchasing any knife or other potentially dangerous product from Laramie Knifeworks, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following liability disclaimer(s).

a) All knives and other sharp objects, listed and sold through Laramie Knifeworks, are intended and sold for lawful purposes, meaning utility use or sporting purposes.

b) Laramie Knifeworks can not possibly be aware of, nor can Laramie Knifeworks be responsible for, the many and various laws or regulations that may apply to you. We are not responsible for restrictions of laws or regulations that may be applicable in any given location in which our products are sold into or carried by you, the purchaser or end user.

c) It is your responsibility, as the buyer or end user, to investigate, understand, and comply with, the laws and regulations that apply in the location(s) in which our products are sold or carried.

d) You (not Laramie Knifeworks) are solely responsible for any claims resulting from bodily harm or injury from any product sold by Laramie Knifeworks. Knives and other such products may be extremely sharp and should be handled with caution.

e) Learn how to handle and use your knives and any other sharp items properly, with care and caution. Do not use a knife for any purpose for which it is not intended.********

Thanks Again!!!



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