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Laramie Knifeworks--Exotic Woods and Natural Materials

In this section, I provide some pictures of the exotic wood and natural materials I use for handles and bolsters. Many of these woods and natural materials have been stabilized to minimize shrinking, cracking, warping, and to provide water protection. I try to select the highest figured, wildest looking, and exotic woods and natural materials I can find so that your knife will be as unique and great looking as possible. 

The list of exotic burled and highly figured woods that I use include:
Box Elder Burl
Olive Burl
Buckeye Burl
Redwood Lace Burl
Walnut Burl
Maple Burl
Madrone Burl
Gary Oak Burl
Desert Ironwood Burl
Carolina Cherry Burl
Spalted Pen-Line Hard Red Maple
Curly Koa
Curly Maple
Fiddleback Walnut
Curly Redwood
Quartersawn Silky Oak
Quartersawn Macadamia Nut
Myrtle Burl
Eucalyptus Burl
Manzanita Burl
Australian Eucalyptus Burl
Cottonwood Burl
Mistletoe Walnut
Goldfield Burl
Mesquite Burl
600 Year-Old Oak
Norfolk Pine
Pepper Burl
Quilted Maple
Spalted Sycamore
Spalted Wormy Ash
Birch Burl
Spalted Pen-Line Koa
Spalted Pen-Line Soft Maple
Live Oak Burl
Spalted Box Elder
Fiddleback Maple
Camphor Burl
Spalted Hackleberry
Spalted Pear
Birdseye Maple
Walnut Fan Crotch
Spalted Pen-Line English Walnut
Lace Wood
Coconut Wood


The list of other natural materials I use include ivory/pearl/bone/horn:

Woolly Mammoth Ivory

Woolly Mammoth Tooth

Woolly Mammoth Bone

Fossil Steller's Sea Cow

Fossil Walrus Oosik

Mother of Pearl


Giraffe Bone

Kudu Horn

Buffalo Horn

Sambar Stag

Fossil Bison Bone

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