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Laramie Knifeworks -- Spalted Hickory and Curly Koa Stainless Steel Drop Point



Knife Type: Gentlemen's Drop Point
Blade Length: 3 13/16 inches
Overall Length: 8 3/4 inches
Blade Steel: ATS-34 Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Spalted Hickory 

Bolster Material: Curly Koa 

Filework: On top of blade
Additional Information: Hickory is a deciduous tree and the wood is hard, dense, strong, stiff and tough. Its used whenever you make an item that needs super strong wood, like skis, tool handles, drum sticks, and golf club shafts to name a few. The wood is rather plain and light-colored but when it becomes spalted the wood is mind-blowing. Spalted Hickory is wood that was in the process of rotting and had fungi in the wood. The fungi made swirly brown lines throughout the light-colored wood and results in some wild looking figure.

Koa is a large tree that is native to Hawaii. Historically, Koa was used to make outrigger canoes and surfboards. The wood is reddish and is now used for furniture and musical instruments. Koa is a scarce wood because most Koa forests have been turned into pasture and animals love to eat the seedlings. Now most of the Koa comes from dead or dying trees on private property. Koa can take on a curly appearance which look like 3-D ripples  or waves in the grain pattern. Curly Koa is highly desirable, scarce, expensive, and used in high dollar guitars with some guitars fetching $3,000 and more. Fender guitar made a limited edition models of the Telecaster and Stratocaster in 2006. The Koa I use in my knives is of the highest grade and has a large amount of 3-D curls. This Koa came from a storm damaged on the Island of Hawaii near the Kilauea volcano on private property. This particular piece has lots of 3-D curls and provides a nice contrast to the Spalted Hickory.

Comes With: Knife Stand and Leather Sheath

Price: $200

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