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Laramie Knifeworks -- Woolly Mammoth Bone and Camel Bone Small Linerlock



Folder Type: Gentlemen Small Linerlock
Blade Length: 1 15/16 inches
Overall Length: 4 5/8  inches
Blade Steel: "Hailstorm" Pattern High Carbon Damascus Steel 
Handle Material: Woolly Mammoth Bone

Bolster Material: Camel Bone 

Thumb Knob Gemstone: A Yellow Sapphire graded IF (which is the highest grade given and means the gemstone is internally flawless and free of inclusions)
Filework: On top of blade and liners
Liners: Jeweled Small Linerlock
Additional Information: The Woolly Mammoth lived during the Pleistocene that was 2.58 Million to 11,700 years ago. This mammoth had large ivory tusks and is related to an extinct elephant genus and was about the size of today's African Elephants. The woolly mammoth coexisted with early humans who hunted these animals for food. However, they became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene probably because of climate change and hunting.

The woolly mammoth bone I use comes from Siberia. Most of these fossils come from native people who collect them on river banks and from various digging sites.

Most camels today are domesticated and they provide meat, milk, hair, and bones. The leg bones are often used for making knife handle. These leg bones are slightly more dense than cow leg bones and polish to a beautiful luster. bony is a super dense black wood that will sink in water and provides a nice contrast to the Woolly Mammoth Bone. 

Comes With: Pouch and Knife Stand

Price: $250

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