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Medium Linerlock Folders


These Medium Linerlock Folders are a nice size and feel great in the hand.

Current Stock--Updated Daily--Please Click on the Pictures Below

Weathered Ox Horn Bark and Ebony Two-Tone Ironwood and Box Elder Burl  Turquoise Buckeye Burl and Blackwood 
Malachite and Abalone Shell Fossil Cheek Bone and Giraffe Bone Abalone and Buffalo
Knotty Olive and Honduras Rosewood Burl Fossil Red Coral and Giraffe Bone Fossil Blue Coral and Giraffe Bone
White Marble and Black Onyx New Zealand Totara Burl and Box Elder Burl  Ironwood Burl and Oak Burl
Fossil Bone With Gold Inlay and Giraffe Bone Azurite and White Marble Fossil Emperors Phoebe Wood and Giraffe Bone
Cherry Burl and Box Elder Burl Himalayan Ram and Jasper Deer Jaw Bone and 6,000 Year Old Swamp Kauri
Spalted Hard Maple and Box Elder Burl Olive Burl and Snakewoo Turquoise and Streaked Buffalo Horn 
Black Onyx and Giraffe Bone Jasper and White Marble Curly Koa and Box Elder Burl
Streaked Buffalo Horn and Camel Bone Malachite and Streaked Buffalo Horn Buckeye Burl and Box Elder Burl 
Spalted Hackberry and Ebony Fossil Bone and Streaked Buffalo Horn Olive Burl and Fiddleback Walnut
Myrtle Burl and New Zealand Red Beech Burl  Whitetail Deer Antler and Ox Horn 6,000 Year Old Swamp Kauri and Honduras Rosewood Burl 
Wormy Ash and Curly Koa  Quilted Sapele and Box Elder Burl  Redwood Burl and Spalted Oak
Cottonwood Burl and 6,000 Year Old Swamp Kauri Blue Box Elder Burl and Honduras Rosewood Burl    

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Each Medium Linerlock Folder is made with hand selected Premium fossils, ivory, pearl, bone, and antler and/or Presentation Grade Woods. Much of the handle material I use is rare with some material being thousands of years old. I try to match the handle and bolster materials to provide a nice contrast or to complement each other. I use Damascus blades with distinctive patterns in most of my Medium Linerlocks. Rest assured, your knife is truly one-of-a-kind. I give discounts for multiple knife purchases. Please email or call me (307-460-0746) for more information.

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