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Laramie Knifeworks -- Red Box Elder Burl and Blue Box Elder Burl Stainless Steel Drop Point



Knife Type: Gentlemen's Drop Point
Blade Length: 4 1/8 inches
Overall Length: 9 inches
Blade Steel: ATS-34 Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Blue Box Elder Burl 

Bolster Material: Red Box Elder Burl 

Filework: On top of blade
Additional Information: Box Elder is a fast growing tree that was often planted as a shade tree and for windbreaks. The wood is plain but sometimes Box Elder produces a burl in which the grain is radically deformed because of some stress or damage and makes small birdseye knots. This burl wood is highly figured. The Box Elder Burl I use in my knives comes from a storm-damaged tree that was part of the original trees planted during the Mormon migration to Utah. The handle is made with Blue Box Elder Burl that has a lot "white" undied Box Elder Burl. The bolsters are made out of Red Box Elder Burl. This knife is a tribute to "Old Glory" and is a patriotic knife. 
Comes With: Knife Stand and Leather Sheath

Price: $200

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