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Laramie Knifeworks -- Spalted Hard Maple and Box Elder Burl Medium Linerlock



Folder Type: Gentlemen Medium Linerlock
Blade Length: 2 7/16 inches
Overall Length: 5 1/2  inches
Blade Steel: "Islands In The Stream" Pattern High Carbon Damascus Steel 
Handle Material: Spalted Hard Maple 

Bolster Material: Box Elder Burl 

Thumb Knob Gemstone: A Red Sapphire graded IF (which is the highest grade given and means the gemstone is internally flawless and free of inclusions)
Filework: On top of blade and liners
Liners: Jeweled Small Linerlock
Additional Information: Hard maple is often called sugar maple and is the tree most often tapped for maple syrup. The wood is heavy, strong, and tough and used for flooring, cutting boards, countertops and other items that need a hard strong wood. The tree when cut down can become spalted under warm and wet conditions. Spalted wood is wood that was in the process of rotting and had a bunch of fungi in the wood. The fungi made pen-like black lines throughout the wood and resulted in some wild looking figure. This piece I used for the knife looks awesome with wild black-line pen spalt and lots of figure. 

Box Elder is a fast growing tree that was often planted as a shade tree and for windbreaks. The wood is plain but sometimes Box Elder produces a burl in which the grain is radically deformed because of some stress or damage and makes small birdseye knots. This burl wood is highly figured. The Box Elder Burl I use in my knives comes from a storm-damaged tree that was part of the original trees planted during the Mormon migration to Utah. This particular piece has lots of figure and provides a nice contrast to the Spalted Hard Maple.

Comes With: Pouch and Knife Stand

Price: $275

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