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Here is what some of my customers are saying about the knives they purchased.......

"I have over 100 knives and this is the nicest of all of them."

"Received the knife and I just love it."

"They are fantastic!"

"what can I say, it's absolutely gorgeous."

"This is an awesome knife."


Welcome To Laramie Knifeworks-- Steve Torok Custom Knife Maker


I would like to introduce myself-- I am Steve Torok a Wyoming knifemaker and I make, by hand, all the knives you see. Please click on a category below:





My goal is to provide high quality handmade knives at fair prices. I use  exotic, rare, and high-end materials including diamonds, rubies, ivory, pearl, fossil bones, and AAA-presentation quality exotic woods. I also use beautiful Damascus steels hand forged in many of my knives.

Each knife I make is constructed to provide you with a knife that you will be proud to own and pass down to your grandchildren. All of the knives are guaranteed for as long as I can continue to make knives. I hope that as you look through the various knives I have available, you will appreciate the beautiful handle and bolster materials that I use and the design I adopt to make a knife feel good in your hand.

I have been making knives for over a decade. My customers are located in several countries and many US states. I have many testimonials from both collectors and  hunter/fisherman. 

  I also make custom-made Gentlemen Folder knives-- just contact me when you want to discuss making a folder.  When you have me create a Gentlemen Folder, you can choose your handle and bolster material.  I have included an exhaustive list of exotic woods and natural materials to choose from. 

I have been fly fishing in New Zealand the last couple of years. Many of you have requested photographs. I have added some pictures in my Trophy Trout Fishing in New Zealand page.

Some of my customers wanted me to post some of my Wildlife photographs. These pictures are presented in my Wildlife Photography web page. Hope you enjoy!!! 

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at You can also Call For Information or To Place an Order:  (307) 745-7410   I am anxious to hear from you!!!

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