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Laramie Knifeworks--Engraving

I offer a variety of engravings and to make your custom-knife extra special. Each engraving is described below with pictures provided. 
Knife Blade Engraving
Engraving is a way to make your custom-knife truly unique. I utilize a diamond engraver and I can add engraving after the knife is completed. All engravings are made on the knife blade and cost $20 per engraving. The pictures/designs include:
Big Game and Animal Engravings
Fancy Ornamental Engravings
I've had customers buy knives as gifts for weddings, promotions, graduations, and other celebrations. I In these cases, I can add a decorative picture engraving with some text inscription to really personalize any knife. Your knife truly becomes one-of-a-kind when you engrave it with a picture and then inscribe it with your name and date of your special event.

Letter engraving costs $20 for one line of engraving (up to 15 letters per line) or for your knife to be fancy monogrammed. You can choose from a variety of script and non-script lettering, including:
Normal Text
Scrip Text

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